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Seam Sealer & Fabric Treatments

For your convenience this printable reference of current Notions, Needles, Grommets, Snaps, Buttons and Thread
Notions Catalog 2014.pdf

Slip-N-Snip Scissors

The original folding scissors
3" closed
  • Sewing - Fishing - First Aid
  • Hundreds of uses
  • Die cast handles
  • Surgical steel blades
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Made in Oregon
  • Item# 3573 - $9.50

KAI Scissors Made in Japan

KAI 5-1/2" Embroidery Scissors

Sewers love this size for trimming and clipping threads. This smooth, comfortable scissor is perfect in your sewing kit for take along projects and classes.

Item# 4761 - $16.99

KAI 8-1/2" Dressmaking Shears - LEFT HAND

Large handle grip and longer blade for cutting large quantities of fabric. Longer blade still offers excellent cutting power to the tip.

Item# 4765 - $22.99


KAI 9-1/2" Dressmaking Shears

Large handle grip and longer blade for cutting large quantities of fabric. Longer blade still offers excellent cutting power to the tip.

Item# 4762 - $24.99     OUT OF STOCK

KAI 10" Professional Shears

Excellent blade for cutting all types of fabrics.

Item# 4763 - $79.99


KAI 10" Professional Shears - LEFT HAND

Excellent blade for cutting all types of fabrics.

Item# 4764 - $89.99

Rotary Cutters

Fabric cutters for cloth, leather, vinyl, film, etc.  Use a non-dulling cutting mat.

Product Description Item # Price
 Small Cutter  6" Long, 1 1/8" Blade Diameter


 Large Cutter  7" Long, 1 3/4" Blade Diameter


 X-Large Cutter  7-3/4" Long, 2 3/8" Blade Diameter


 Small Refill Blades  1 1/8" Blade Diameter
Pack of 2


 Large Refill Blades  1-3/4" Blade Diameter


Pack of 5


 X-Large Refill Blades  2-3/8" Blade Diameter



Seam Rippers

For ripping seams, opening buttonholes, etc.

Item# Description Price
1987  Large 5" Seam Ripper $2.99
1988  Small 2-1/2" Seam Ripper $1.99

Item# Description Price  

Wash-A-Way Wonder Tape

Double-sided 1/4" adhesive tape. Excellent aid to sewing zippers into fleece and many other fabrics.  Washes out with water. 10 yd roll.



Fabric Glue Stick

Instant basting adhesive for use on fabric, leather, vinyl, felt, paper, etc. Water soluble and nontoxic.



Tailors Chalk & Holder
Keeps hands clean and chalk sharp.  Complete with chalk, brush eraser and holder.

Item# Description Price

 1991 Chalk Holder w/ 1 White Chalk $3.09
1992 Chalk Refill w/ 1 White & 1 Blue Chalk $2.99
1993 Clo-Chalk
White marker that vanishes in 5 days or less. 
It disappears with a warm iron or when washed. 
Leaves no residue.

Hog Ring Crimping Tool


 Crimping Tool Use to crimp Shock Cord together with Hog Rings.


Seam Sealer & Fabric Treatments

Item#: 1956
/ 5 FL. OZ. Bottle
 1-2 Garments


Item#: 4222
/ 10 FL. OZ. Bottle
2-4 Garments

McNett discontinued the sale of the ReviveX Wash In formula effective September 1, 2011. This change is consistent with our core values and desire to provide the best quality formulas with the least impact to the environment. The Revivex Wash In formula was an effective waterproofing product. However, our research indicated that part of the formula used as a wash-in did not adhere to the fabric and consequently went down the drain. In comparison, the ReviveX Spray-On formula binds to the fabric through the heat set process—which is more effective, offers better performance and a far better value for the customer.

ReviveX® Water Repellent for Outerwear For GORE-TEX® and WINDSTOPPER® garments and all types of breathable laminates and synthetic fabrics. Works on jackets, bibs, rain gear, hats and more! ReviveX® Water Repellent for Outerwear will totally restore and/or create DWR (Durable Water Repellency) to any outerwear that can be washed and tumble dried. For all-season comfort, just wash, spray and tumble dry. It's that simple. ReviveX Water Repellent is durable, non-toxic and non-flammable.

ReviveX® Water Repellent for Outerwear will totally restore and/or create DWR (Durable Water Repellency) to any outerwear that can be washed and tumble dried. For all season comfort, just wash, spray and tumble dry. It’s that simple. ReviveX Water Repellent is durable, non-toxic and non-flammable.

• Ideal for jackets, pants, bibs, hats, gloves and more
• Long Lasting
• Nontoxic
• Water Based

1. Machine Wash: Close all zippers. Wash garment in warm water without detergent. If garment is heavily soiled, wash with detergent and rinse twice.
2. Spray: Place the garment on a hanger. Shake bottle well. Hold 6”-12” from garment and spray exterior of garment.
3. Tumble dry: Dry separately on medium heat for 60 minutes. Do not air dry.



ReviveX® Air Dry Waterproofing Spray is a high performance formula designed to create instant water repellency on outerwear, footwear and gear. Ideal for all types of breathable garments including those made with GORE-TEX® fabric, eVent and other breathable membranes. Easy to use, just spray on and allow to air dry. No heat setting required. Perfect for synthetic insulated garments, skiwear, leather and fabric footwear, tents, packs, outdoor gear and more!

• Easy to use—spray on, air dry
• Ideal for breathable and non-breathable fabrics
• For Nylon, GORE-TEX® Fabric, eVENT® & Leather
• Dry, Non-Sticky Finish -- No Silicone or CFCs

Directions For Use:
Spot test color-sensitive materials. May darken leather and suede surfaces.

1) Clean surfaces, then dry thoroughly.
2) Shake can.
3) Point valve toward surface and spray from 8-12 inches away.
4) all to Dry thoroughly before use or reapplication
NOTE: Spray becomes cold during application. For comfort, hold fingertip tack and away from the nozzle edge.








Item#: 4160
$11.00 /
5 FL. OZ.

Item#: 3449

12 FL. OZ. Bottle

ReviveX® Synthetic Fabric Cleaner Specialized formula designed to clean all types of outerwear including rainwear, skiwear, soft shells, fleece and synthetic insulation. Essential preparation for treatment with Revivex Water Repellents. Ideal for GORE-TEX® garments, WINDSTOPPER® garments and other waterproof breathable garments. The choice of top outerwear and skiwear manufacturers.
Follow manufacturer's instructions. If unavailable, use the following guidelines. NOTE: Do not machine wash tents or backpacks. Spot clean only or treat with MiraZyme™ Odor Eliminator.

Machine Wash: If possible, use front-loading washing machine.
1) Shake bottle before use.
2) Close all zippers and Velcro™ flaps.
3) Spot clean heavily soiled areas.
4) Add Synthetic Fabric Cleaner to empty washer using chart below.
5) Load items into washer; use delicate cycle and warm water.
6) See drying instructions below.

Hand Wash:
1) Shake bottle before use.
2) Spot clean heavily soiled areas.
3) Fill sink (or tub for sleeping bags) 1/2 full with WARM water.
4) Add Synthetic Fabric Cleaner to water using chart below and stir to mix.
4) Soak item for 10 minutes.
5) Wash item. Gently knead all areas to remove dirt and stains.
6) Rinse until water runs clear.
6) See drying instructions below.

Follow garment manufacturer's drying instructions. If unavailable, hang garments and lay sleeping bags flat to dry. Allow to air dry thoroughly before use or storage.
1-5 3 capfuls (½oz.) LOW setting or 5 gallons
5-10 6 capfuls (1oz.) MED setting or 10 gallons
Sleeping bag or comforter ¼ bottls (2oz.) HIGH setting or 20 gallons




Item#: 3450

12 FL. OZ. Bottle

ReviveX® Down Cleaner Gently restores loft and warmth to down jackets, sleeping bags, comforters and pillows. Unlike household laundry soaps, this specialized commercial-grade formula cleans without detergents and preserves the natural oils in down. The choice of top down jacket, sleeping bag and comforter manufacturers.

Follow manufacturer’s instructions. If unavailable, use the following guidelines. Spot clean heavily soiled areas. Shake bottle before use.

Machine Wash (Gentle Cycle): Use a front-loading washing machine for sleeping bags or other large items. See table below for settings.

  1. Close zippers and Velcro™ tabs
  2. Add Down Cleaner to empty washer according to table below
  3. Load item into washer; use gentle cycle & warm water
  4. Run an additional spin cycle before drying
  5. See drying instructions below

Hand Wash: Use tub or basin.

  1. Mix Down Cleaner with warm water according to table below
  2. Compress item to remove air & place in water
  3. Wash item. Gently knead, removing dirt & stains
  4. Rinse item repeatedly until water runs clear (at least 3 times)
  5. Gently compress or roll item to expel water.
  6. Place in washing machine; use 2 spin cycles to remove excess water before drying


    Jacket, pillow or small garment
    Down Cleaner:

    1oz. (6 capfuls)


    5 gallons (hand wash)

    Machine Setting:

    SMALL or LOW

    Sleeping bag or comforter
    Down Cleaner: 4oz. (1/2 bottle)
    Water: 20 gallons (hand wash)
    Machine Setting: LARGE or HIGH

    Drying: Proper drying is essential for best results. For maximum loft and to avoid damage, use a large commercial dryer on LOW HEAT. Note: High heat or small (home) dryers can melt synthetic fabrics, causing severe damage. Clean tennis balls may be added to dryer to break up down clumps. Check progress periodically. Dry thoroughly. Open item and allow to air overnight before use or storage.

Item# - 4682





Tenacious Tape™ repairs rips, holes and gashes in almost all of your outdoor gear. It stays put no matter what Mother Nature dishes out and leaves no sticky mess. Tenacious Tape comes in black, clear and popular colors, so you can match your fabric for nearly-invisible repairs. Try that with duct tape.

Toss Tenacious Tape in your outdoor gear kit for a little extra peace of mind. Repairs camping gear, sleeping bags and pads, tents, clothing, vinyl rafts, down jackets—whatever needs a quick patch, so you can stay outside.

If you’re serious about your gear, step up to Tenacious Tape—and you’ll never go back to that gooey, sticky, silver stuff.

Includes One Roll: 20" x 3"

Color: Clear


Seam Grip

From McNett. Urethane seam sealer and outdoor repair. For natural & synthetic fabrics, waterproof laminates, leather, vinyl & more. Incredibly tough and flexible. Can patch holes 1" in diameter. Repairs Thermarests!

Item#: Product Description Price

1957  Seam Grip 1 oz Tube

Seam Grip®  is a gear repair kit in a tube. Use it as a tent seam sealer, sleeping pad fixer or equipment rebuilder. Works on all types of fabrics and surfaces, including neoprene, PVC, rubber, leather, vinyl and synthetics.

Seam Grip goes beyond patching holes. It waterproofs tent seams, improves traction and offers abrasion resistance, too.

So take a tube of Seam Grip wherever you go, because you never know when gear will rip, leak or fall apart. Save your gear—and your adventure—with the award-winning Seam Grip.

1958  Seam Grip 8 oz Tube $22.50
1962  3cc Syringe  Allows precise application of SeamGrip with or without accelerator. $0.25
1961  SilNet Silicon 
 Seam Sealer 

No one wants to sleep in a puddle. But if you own a silnylon tent, you could end up in one—if you don’t treat the seams first. That’s because ultralight silnylon tents aren’t typically sealed at the factory.

Luckily, there’s Gear Aid’s Sil Net™ silicone-based seam sealer. It’s fast and easy to use. The silicone adhesive in Sil Net waterproofs tent seams with just one application. Sil Net’s exclusive formula is not affected by extreme heat or cold. Plus, it comes in handy for repairs on moderate rips and tears.

Seam sealing with Sil Net is the best way to keep the elements outside—where they belong.


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