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SU6500 - Sidesaddle Apron Driving Apron & Split Riding Skirt


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Item Number: 3543
Sewing Skill:  Country of Origin: USA


This modern sidesaddle apron is worn over breeches, jodhpurs, or other riding pants. It is designed to fit over the rider's right knee and to hang correctly with a horizontal hem and no wrinkles. It is suitable for hunt seat, saddle seat, and western attire. The instructions include how to fit the apron and how to make a leather western apron. The driving apron is open in the back, with a top band. The ends of the top band fasten in the back with hook-and-loop tape. The riding skirt has a front panel which can be buttoned to one side to form culottes for riding or to the other side giving the appearance of a skirt. The back has a deep pleat to complete the skirt-like effect. The skirt also has side pockets.

Misses sizes 6-24 (Sidesaddle apron/skirt)

Suggested Fabrics: Cotton Duck, Denim, Wool, Wool Blends, Leather


DO NOT follow ready-to-wear sizing!  Use the information below to choose a size.

For Sidesaddle Apron and Riding Skirt (In INCHES)

Women Sizes 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24
Waist 23 24 25 26-1/2 28 30 32 34 36 38
Hips 32-1/2 33-1/2 34-1/2 36 38 40 42 44 46 48


Fitting the sidesaddle apron is a bit complicated and detailed instructions are given in the pattern. According to the sidesaddle experts we consulted for this pattern, you MUST make a sample apron first and try it out on your horse with your saddle.

The top of the driving apron is generally worn above the waist, below the bust for women or the breastbone for men. This pattern has top band sizes from 26” to 42”.  The finished apron length is 40”.

See the finished garment measurement chart below for actual measurements for the riding skirt. It is VERY IMPORTANT to check skirt length and crotch depth BEFORE cutting out.

Women Sizes 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24
Crotch Depth 11 11-1/4 11-1/2 11-3/4 12 12-1/4 12-1/2 12-3/4 13 13-1/4
Waist to Hem 29-1/2 30 30-1/2 31 31-1/2 32 32-1/2 33 33-1/2 34

*This measurement should be 1” to 1-1/2” more than body measurement.

The sidesaddle apron is worn as part of a total outfit.  For English styles (hunt, dressage, or saddle seat) the coat, apron, and riding pants should be the same color.  For western outfits the garments can be made in harmonizing colors. The English apron should be made of heavier-weight wools, wool blends, or other suitings. The western apron can be made from similar fabrics or from denim or leather.  Use lining fabric and interfacing suitable for the weight of the apron fabric. Leather aprons are not lined or interfaced. The pattern piece for the apron front is so large that only 60” wide fabric can be used.  Even with 60” wide fabric the front piece for Sizes 20-24 will have to be pieced.  If you use 45” wide fabric you will have to do piecing for smaller sizes as well. Since most lining fabrics are 45” wide, we assume that the lining will be pieced also.  Instructions for piecing are given in the pattern.

There are many different variations for driving aprons depending upon the type of show class or discipline. Please see the pattern instructions for more information, but ultimately it is up to the competitor to know what is correct. Quite a few different fabric types can be used, depending upon the exact type of apron.

The riding skirt can be made from many different fabrics, including cotton and cotton blends, denim, gabardine, linen, wool, and wool blends.  Fabric yardages given below include enough for pockets, but if using a heavier fabric consider using a lining fabric for the pockets to reduce bulk.

FABRIC YARDAGES -  We recommend buying the pattern and reading all of the notes in the instructions before buying fabric.   

For Sidesaddle Apron:

Women Sizes 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24
60" Fabric 1-5/8 1-5/8 1-5/8 1-2/3 1-2/3 1-3/4 1-3/4 2 2 2-1/2
45" Lining 2-3/8 2-1/2 2-1/2 2-1/2 2-1/2 2-5/8 2-5/8 2-2/3 2-2/3 2-3/4

Driving Apron requires 1-3/8 YDS 60” wide fabric (band sizes 26-30 can also use 45” wide) for apron length as given.

For Riding Skirt:  for fabrics WITHOUT NAP only!

Women Sizes 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24
44/45" Wide 3-1/8 3-1/8 3-1/4 3-1/4 3-1/4 3-1/4 3-1/2 3-1/2 3-1/2 3-5/8
58/60" Wide 2-1/4 2-1/4 2-1/4 2-1/4 2-1/4 3 3 3 3-1/8 3-1/8

:  Thread; 

    Sizes 6-12  1 YD interfacing
    Sizes 14-24  1-1/4 YD interfacing
    drapery weights or heavy cording for hem
    6 -  3/4” buttons
    14” of 1/2” wide hook-and-loop tape
    2” of 1-1/2” wide hook-and-loop tape

    3” of 2” wide hook-and-loop tape
    3-3/4YDS of bias binding; 

    12 -  3/4” buttons
    5/8 YDS interfacing for waistband.