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Item Number: 1236
  Country of Origin: USA

Mountain Bike Emergency Repair
-by Tim Toyoshima

Miles from nowhere with mountain bike problems? Turn to Mountain Bike Emergency Repair - it'll get you back on the trail fast. This take-along guide shows you how to fix just about anything on your bike, no matter where you are, no matter what you have with you. Whether equipped with the "7 essential tools" or making do with duct tape and energy bar wrappers, you'll get detailed instructions for repairs that will have you pedaling again in no time!

Rely on Mountain Bike Emergency Repair for the word on:

  • The "7 essential tools" and how to use them
  • Problems to look for after a crash
  • Ingenious temporary fix-ups to get you back home
  • Completing permanent repairs like a pro
  • Maintenance tips to reduce future trail mishaps
Easy directions and detailed illustrations make Mountain Bike Emergency Repair your most essential biking companion, whether on the trail or at home.