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This costume pattern consists of a rump cover (similar to a quarter sheet), a chest piece, and rein covers. Three different trim options are given: a plain edge, an irregular angled edge, and a boxed edge. The rump cover goes over the saddle pad and under the saddle. The chest piece ties to the D-rings on the saddle. The rein covers slip over the reins. The costume is not meant to be used for vigorous or heavy-duty riding, such as jousting, nor is it necessarily historically accurate or authentic. The pattern can be a starting point for such uses, but the modifications then required are the responsibility of the costume maker.

Templates for thirteen different heraldic symbols are included: crown, medieval cross, castle, shield, dragon, leaf, crescent moon, cinqfoil, bee, bird, fleur de lis, axe, and arrow. These can be used as appliques or the designs can be applied using fabric paint.

The rump cover will fit horses with blanket sizes of roughly 60 to 84. The chest piece comes in one size only and will need to be reduced in size for smaller horses and ponies.


Templates for a variety of heraldic symbols are given, some in different sizes. You can use these to make fabric appliques or as templates to paint the design onto the barding using fabric paints. We show the symbols on the lower back corner of the caparisons, but you can use them anyway you like.


To make one of these costumes you will have to fit it to the horse as you construct it. If you are making a costume for long term use, use old sheets of inexpensive fabric to make a quick sample to test the sizing.

The rump cover is worn over a regular saddle pad, so it should be long enough to cover the front of the pad and extend to the end of the horse's hindquarters. Though some are deep enough to reach the ground, we recommend that it should be no longer than the horse's knees or hocks to prevent the horse's legs from getting tangled. Otherwise it can be any length from just covering the horse's belly to reaching the knees and hocks. The finished length of the unaltered rump cover, from topline to hem, is 50".

The chest piece is tied to the D-rings on the saddle. It will fit average and larger horses. The size is adjusted by shortening or lengthening the ends and then by tying the ends to the D-rings.

If you are making this for a small horse or a very large horse, you might have to redraw the pattern pieces to get the size you need.

The rein coverings should be long enough to cover the reins when they are held so that there is a straight line from the bit to the rider's hands as shown. It is better to make them too short, because you don't want them interfering if you have to suddenly take a very strong hold on the reins. Any part of the reins held by the rider should NOT be covered. The finished length of the unaltered rein cover is 24".

For a "quickie" costume just about any medium weight fabric can be used, though non-stretch fabrics will work best. Twill and similar bottom weights are good fabrics to use. Consider how the rump cover will drape and flap and also whether the fabric will be too warm if the costume is going to be used in hot weather. The ties on the chest piece can be made from any sturdy cord.

The large sections of the rump cover and the chest piece are made from one color- Color 1 in the instructions. The trim on the edges is made using a different color- Color 2 in the instructions.

The rump cover comes in Sizes 34-58, which is the topline length of the cover. The yardages below include enough for the rump cover, chest piece, and rein covers.
Color 1: SIZES 34-40 require 3 1/2 YDS, SIZES 42-58 require 4 1/8 YDS
Color: 2 YDS required for ALL SIZES This does NOT include fabric for any heraldic symbol appliques.
Cord: 1 1/4 YD
Also needed: Thread.