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Net or netting is an open mesh form of fabric construction that is held together by knots or fused thermoplastic yarns at each point where the yarn cross one another. There are several types of mesh; they are square, hexagonal, and octagonal. The range of mesh sizes is from coarse and opens to fine and share. Netting may be made of any kind of fibre and may be given a soft or stiff sizing. Net fabrics are relatively fragile and require care in handling and cleaning. Torn net fabrics cannot be satisfactorily mended because the repair would be apparent. If the sizing is water soluble, the fabric should be dry-cleaned. - See more at:


Durable/Utility Mesh

Macro (Porthole) Mesh

Micro Mesh

Miscellaneous Mesh

No-See-Um Netting

Stretch Mesh & Netting

Vinyl Coated Mesh


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