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This sample set contains our current fabric offerings. If you have questions regarding a fabric please email or call.

Polartec(R) Windbloc(R) fabrics block 100% of the wind and offer maximum protection from the cold and the elements. A soft hand, stretch and a durable water repellent finish (DWR) make this the highest quality, most comfortable windproof fleece product on the market.

Polartec(R) Windbloc(R) fabrics combine the warmth of Polartec(R) thermal fabrics with a polyurethane barrier membrane that allows moisture vapor transmission and is completely wind proof and waterproof, eliminating the need for a windbreaker or additional shell. This reduces the weight and number of layers needed to protect and insulate.

Polartec(R) Windbloc(R) Laminates feature a tri-layer construction with a waterproof/water resistant/breathable urethane laminated between an inner fleece and an outer premium fabric layer. Outer shell has a durable water repellent finish. All These fabrics are a single roll offering.

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