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Item Number:  3757 Reorderable
Color:  Dark Oak Country of Origin:  India
Width:  58"
Content:  100% Cotton  
Weight/Linear Yard:  13.6 oz/385 grams
Suggested Needles:  Jeans/Denim 80/12
Description:  This is a strong durable cotton based fabric that is treated with generations old formulations of various grades and qualities of waxes. These waxes impart flexibility at cold temperatures, water repellency, non-transferability, and a high melt point.
  • Due to waxing, shades will vary greater than standard cotton dyed non wax fabrics.
  • You will have craze or crack marks when handling fabric. To remove the craze marks from fabric, use a medium hot iron over brown paper.
  • Durable, and water repellent.
  • 4 x 4 inch image area.
Do not dry clean, machine wash or dry. Use cold water to gently clean surface with your hands, a cloth or soft brush. Mild soap flakes ma be used, but do not use detergent - it will break down the wax!
Re waxing: The wax will thin with continual use and may lose water resistance. If you want to restore your waxed canvas, simply hand apply an approved product then apply heat to allow the wax to impregnate back into the canvas. You can use a hair dryer, direct sun or hang item near a heat source.
Swatch Set:  Canvas Color Swatch Set #1262.