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Item Number: 5358 Non-reorderable
Color: White Country of Origin: USA
Width: 5/326"
Thickness: .0785 in/2.00 mm  
Weight/yard:  .125 oz  
Content: Polyester  Roll Size: 546 yds (500 M)
Suggested Needles:  
Description: Polyester cord great for drawstrings. Melt ends after cutting to prevent fraying or unraveling.
Tensile Strength: N/A lb Test Strength
Swatch Set: Drawstring & Cording Swatch Set #1282.
Solid braid made from continuous filament, high tenacity yarns. Solid braid (lock stitch) construction offers excellent abrasion resistance, maintains uniform diameter and is superier to diamond braid.
Resists UV rays. Best for outdoor use.
Will not shrink or harden.