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Item Number: 6862  
Color: White Reorderable
Width: 60" Country of Origin: China
Weight/linear yard:   
Content: 100% Polyester
Suggested Needles: Varies depends on outer fabrics  
Uses: Outerwear, sportswear, gloves and accessories  
Description: A unique process bonds the hollow fibers, increasing durability and drapability, reducing the need for scrims or other stabilizers. Its soft feel makes it versatile and comfortable for a wide variety of apparel and accessories.
  • Greater warmth, Hydrophobic, Durable, soft & Pliable, Easy Care
  • Polartec Power Fill is a soft and pliable matrix of polyester fibers engineered with a  distinct geometric shape. This matrix forms thousands of small air pockets that continuously capture and contain body heat, while maintaining a resilient, equalized thermal layer between the colder air on the outside and the warmer temperatures on the inside. The polyester fiber's inherent hydrophobic properties also work to ensure that Polartec Power Fill resists moisture absorption and dries quickly, while maintaining a high warmth ratio.

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