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Item Number:  977 Reorderable
Color:  Silver Country of Origin:  USA
Width:  59"
Nominal Thickness:  10.9 mils Puncture Resistance:  17 lbs
Content:  Polypropylene Tensile Strength:  47.0 lb/in width
Tear Strength:  6 lb/in width
Weight/Linear Yard:  4.2 oz/119 grams
Low Temp Bend:  131 degrees F PASS
Water Vapor Permeability:  87.5 g/m2/24 hrs
Suggested Needles:  Universal 80/12
Description:  Patent-pending polypropylene based non-woven perforated fabric metallized on one side. Reflectivity is 95%.
  • Temptrol reflects 92% of the radiant heat... the major source of heat transfer.
  • Flammability is Class B
  • Use for curtain lining, inside of bags, clothing, grill covers, boot liners..
  • 4 x 4 inch image area.
Washing:  Machine wash gentle, cool, line dry.
Swatch Set:  Request snip.

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