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Item Number:  3573 Reorderable
Product:  Slip-N-Snip Folding Scissors - Needlepoint
Country of Origin: USA
Size:  3" Closed
Color:  Rose Gold  
  • Blades are surgical stainless steel, precision machined, heat-treated.
  • Handles are die cast and chrome plated.
  • Hand assembled.
Uses:  First Aid Kit, Fishing, Military, Scrap booking, Gardening, Sewing Kit
To Open:  Pull the handles apart and fold the scissors into the cutting position.
To Close:  Use the reverse process. Fold the blades back into the grooved safety slots in the handles and push together.
Use caution when closing scissors. Blades are very sharp.
Guarantee:  Slip-N-Snip Scissors are made of the finest material. Handles are die case and chrome plated. The blades are surgical stainless steel, precision machined, heat-treated and hand assembled. If you find the scissors defective in material or workmanship, return with sales slip for replacement.