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Item 5905
Restore Polyurethane coating to like new condition with seam grip TF. This clear sealant makes tent waterproofing hassles free.
Seam Grip TF seals and waterproofs seams on all kinds of gear. Perfect for family-sized tents, tarps and pop-ups. Just apply a thin film to the inside seams and let dry.

Don’t let rain make you miserable on your next outdoor adventure. Seal and waterproof tent seams with Seam Sure—the quick, permanent solution to a soggy problem.

  • Water-based urethane tent sealer
  • Easily floats over large surfaces with unique applicator brush
  • Ideal for sealing seams on polyurethane coated fabrics - tents, tarps, rainwear and more
  • Fast drying formula dries clear
  • Flexible, odorless and long-lasting formula
  • Nearly invisible non-gloss finish
  • 4 fl oz. bottle seals about 85sf
  • Perfect for family-sized tents
  • Cures in 4 hours at room temperature, longer if colder
  • Made in USA
PREP: Clean seams on used tents with isopropyl alcohol.
APPLY: Squeeze bottle gently and apply a thin even film to stitching on coated side of fabric (inside of item). clean drips and excess with damp cloth.
DRY: ALLOW TO FULLY DRY before use of folding (minimum 4 hours at room temperature; longer if colder). Test for dryness before use of storage.

Perimeter seams on "seam taped" tents are often not factory sealed and require sealing. Apply a thin film of Seam Sure to inside floor seams. Allow to dry overnight.
Use Seam Sure to seal areas that regularly leak, such as stake-out points at corners.
To seal the seams on your rainfly, set it up inside-out for easier application. Attach the rainfly to the tent so all seams are taut.