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Item Number: 1288 Reorderable
Sewing Skill:  Country of Origin: USA

  • Four sizes fit from lightweight hiking to plastic, double boots.
  • All sizes allow the same width and height adjustment range.
  • Form-fitting design is less apt to snag or trip you up. An important feature particularly when wearing crampons or skis.
  • 2" wide, overlapping, Hook and Loop closure in front.
  • Is very easy on and off.
  • Avoids potential zipper complications in the future.
  • Is very secure and degree of overlap can be varied to adjust fit.
  • Lined Bottom section is neat, durable and avoids problems of loose thread from unraveling fabric edges.
  • Adjustable to webbing band.
  • This gaiter pattern design uses readily available fabric, hardware and webbing.
  • However, additional, high-performance design options are described inside for the extra ambitious Gaiter "Cobbler".
Suggested Fabrics
Bottom Shell:
Use something waterproof and relatively tough. How tough, and stiff, is up to you. Cordura works well but anything from Packcloth to Ballistics nylon is possible. If you use fabric heavier than 1000 denier Cordura, you may consider cutting the hook and Loop Flap pieces out of something more flexible to reduce bulk.
Bottom Lining:
Lighter weight than the Bottom Shell. A wide range of waterproof or water repellent fabrics will work as long as they aren't too flimsy (it rubs against your boot hardware) and doesn't absorb water. Packcloth is good or any tightly-woven synthetic weighing between 4 and 8 ounces per square yard (approx. 200 to 430 denier).
For Waterproof uppers, it's tough to beat the performance of a "waterproof-breathable" fabric in a three layer construction. The three-layer construction has a textured, protective mesh laminated to the inside as well. These three-layer laminates are easier to sew, the inside feels better and promotes evaporation, and they are tougher that "two-layer". Two-layer "waterproof-breathable" laminates may be used. We suggest lining the uppers to protect and prolong the life of the fabric from abrasion.
For those needing only water repellent uppers, durability becames the most important thing. A tightly woven nylon or synthetic blend that weighs 3+ ounces per square yard and has a water repellent finish will do nicely.

Gaiter Size Measure Boot Cuff Circumference
Inches (will fit)
CM (will fit)
S 13 1/2 12 3/4 - 15
32 - 37.7
M 14 1/2
13 3/4 - 16
36.5 34.6 - 40.2
L 15 1/4 14 1/2 - 16 3/4
38.3 36.5 - 42.1
XL 16 15 1/4 - 17 1/2
40.2 38.3 - 44

Material Required  Amounts are in 56-60" (140-150cm) wide fabrics.
  Upper Shell Fabric:
Yard Meter
All sizes
2/3 yd
.60 m
  Bottom Shell Fabric:
All sizes 1/3 .30 m
  Bottom Lining Fabric:
All sizes 1/4 .23 m
2 1/2 yds
3/4" Webbing
1 yd
2" Hook & Loop fastener
1/2 yd
3/4" Loop fastener
1/4 yd
3/4" Hook fastener
2 3/4" Tabler
2 3/4" D-Ring
2 3/4" Gaiter Hook