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This sample set contains our current fabric offerings. If you have question regarding a fabric please email or call.

Thinsulate Insulation Type C/CS/CDS inch for inch it is the warmest insulation around. The Polyolefin microfibers trap body heat and keeps you warm even in damp conditions. Developed by 3M.

Thinsulate Insulation Type J features a unique blend of synthetic hydrophobic fibers, which result in exceptional warmth and better water resistance. Its soft feel and availability in many different gram weights makes it versatile and comfortable for a wide variety of apparel and accessories.

PrimaLoft Silver Series (formerly Sport) is a soft, durable, breathable, high loft insulation for all weather sports and recreation. Fast drying 100% Polyester, microfiber insulation. Thermally efficient, light weight and compressible. Water resistant - retains warmth when wet.

Insul-Bright has a thin piece of aluminized mylar between thin layers of needlepunch.

Needlepunch is a compressed insulator of 100% Polyester fibers.

Perfect Cotton is mechanically cleaned without the use of any harsh chemicals, 88% staple cotton fiber, 12% non-woven Polypropylene reinforcement.
Availability and price subject to change.