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Item Number:  85 Non-reorderable
Color:  Tan Country of Origin:  USA
Width:  50"
Content:  Nomex  
Weight/Linear Yard:  14.5 oz/410 grams
Suggested Needles:  Universal 90/14
Description:  NOMEX® is the trade name for a fabric. NOMEX® fabric is a high-temperature resistant and inherently flame-retardant synthetic fabric. This fabric has no melt point or drip characteristics when it is subjected to fire. NOMEX® material is light in weight, does not support combustion, but begins to char at 700° to 800 °F.
  • 2-way stretch.
  • Abrasion resistant and is nonabsorbent.
  • Use for flame-retardant clothing.
  • 4 x 4 inch image area.
Washing:  Machine wash warm. Tumble dry warm. Remove promptly.
Swatch Set:  Request a snip.

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