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Item Number: 6569  
Color: Winterberry 7840-0106 Reorderable
Spool size: 142 yds  
Thread weight: 50 wt (heavy weight) Country of Origin: Germany or China
Content: Polytrimethylenterephthalat
Suggested needles: Schmetz 70, 80
Description: Mettler Seraflex thread is sewing thread for highly elastic seams on all elastic fabrics.Seraflex makes especially the straight stitch extremely strerthable, in the best case even a doubling of the seam elasticity can be achieved compare to seams with conventional sewing threads.
  • Use for clothing, sportswear, and outdoor wear, as well as lingerie and underwear
  • 65% Elongation, making all seams highly elastic
  • 37% Renewable Raw Material
  • Use both as needle and bobbin thread, tension as loose as possible
Washing Instructions: Machine washable, dry clean resistant, press resistant to 392 degrees F.