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Item Number:  4103 Reorderable
Color:  Black Country of Origin:  USA
Size:  3/16"
Width:  .49 in/12.62 mm Length:  1.78 in/45.35 mm  
Hole Opening:  .26 in/6.68 mm x .49 in/12.41 mm Gauge:  .08 in/2.21 mm  
Description:  Acetal. Melt ends of cord, place cut end in base opening of hook. Thread collar over the cording and push on, forcing the side flanges securely in to cording.
  • Use with shock cord.
  • Will not mar or scratch surfaces.
  • Entire unit is molded, eliminating the use of a metal crimping ring.
  • Rust and corrosion proof.
  • Easily removable.