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Zipper Structure

Non-Separating Closed End
Only one end of the zipper can come apart (like a fly zipper).
1-way Separating Open End
Zipper comes completely apart (like a jacket front) and has one pull on it.
2-way Separating Open End
Zipper comes completely apart with two pulls on it (one zips up from the bottom).

Zipper with Double Slider

Zipper with Double Slider

Zipper Tape: Continuous zipper sold by the yard. Cannot be used in separating applications (at least one end must stay together). Particularly useful for tents, pockets, luggage, packs and pillow cases. 
Locking Pulls: Will not slide on the zipper unless the pull tab is grasped. Good for fly zippers as well as some garment pockets and neck zippers.
Non-Locking Pulls: Do not have a locking pin inside and will slide without grabbing the pull tab. Used for tents, packs, most luggage, and many pockets.
Double Pull: The zipper pull had tabs on both sides for sleeping bags, tents and reversible garments.
Reversible (flip-Over) Pull: The zipper pull has a single tab which flips over the crown of the pull for reversible garments or zip-in linings.