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Item Number:  3246 Non-reorderable
Color:   Brown 2
Country of Origin: USA
Width:  60"  
Weight/linear yard:  11.6 oz/328 grams
Content:  Polyester (Malden Mills)
Suggested Needles:  Ball Point 80/12
Description:  Soft lightweight double-sided fleece, great for mild weather garments.
  • Wicks moisture, dries quickly.
  • Retains body heat even when wet. .
  • Breathable, drape able and long wearing.
  • Outerwear weight, use for coats, pullovers, hats, booties, mittens and scarves.
Washing Instructions:  Machine wash in cold water on a gentle cycle with like colors - Machine-dry at a low temperature - OR hang to air-dry.
  • Turn fleece inside-out to prevent pilling
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softeners
  • Do not iron, steam, press or dry clean
  • For best results, launder garment separately
Swatch Set:  P100 Color Swatch Set #1250.